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HomeArchiveInstall Construction Board Faster with Ram Board’s Multi-Cutter

Install Construction Board Faster with Ram Board’s Multi-Cutter

By John Anthony Arcilla-Gutierrez


Ram Board Multi-Cutter 2A utility knife can be quick – but a single mistake can damage floors. When you’re on a jobsite and the hardwood, LVT, or tile flooring needs tough surface protection installed fast Ram Board’s upgraded Multi-Cutter will be right there. It is the smarter choice for pros who work fast and efficiently. You won’t waste time by having to replace damaged planks or tiles.

Ram Board Multi-Cutter features the exclusive Dual Edge-Guard System that allows you to easily cut construction board without the risk of the blade accidentally scuffing, scratching or causing other damage to the floor or surface that you are protecting.

Ram Board Multi-Cutter 3Designed for comfort and safety, the Ram Board Multi-Cutter also features finger guards to protect the user from any contact with the blade, as well as an ergonomic, anti-slip grip handle.

The Ram Board Multi-Cutter is a distinctive tool that has big results. Follow these steps to protect surfaces and save time.

  1. Open the Ram Board Multi-Cutter storage grip.
  2. Install one of the four provided utility blades into the edge guard.
  3. Close the storage grip then check that it is securely fastened.
  4. Roll Ram Board surface protection onto the surface to be protected.
  5. Hold the Multi-Cutter storage grip with your thumb placed at the thumb indention.
  6. Place the utility blade cutting edge at the edge of the Ram Board.
  7. Cut through the Ram Board – confident that the surface underneath is protected from any contact with the blade, thanks to the exclusive Dual Edge-Guard System.
  8. Roll another sheet of Ram Board onto the surface and repeat the previous steps until the whole area is covered.
  9. Seal the seams with Ram Board Seam Tape.
  10. Secure the edges with Ram Board Edge Tape.

Each step of installing construction board with Ram Board’s latest Multi-Cutter promises to protect surfaces and you.


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