Home Latest News INSTALL Expands Apprenticeship Program on West Coast
Home Latest News INSTALL Expands Apprenticeship Program on West Coast

INSTALL Expands Apprenticeship Program on West Coast

INSTALL has expanded its apprenticeship program to meet the industry’s increasing needs for more highly skilled installers. With the launch of more INSTALL apprenticeship programs by the United Brotherhood of Carpenters (UBC) Southwest Carpenters Training Fund (SWCTF) in Las Vegas, as well as the Buena Park Training Center near Los Angeles, INSTALL is “significantly increasing its training offerings,” the association said.

INSTALL apprenticeships 2“The western U.S. is rebounding from pandemic shutdowns, while still experiencing a significant trade labor shortage,” said John McGrath Jr., executive director of INSTALL. “INSTALL is a great source for well-trained, skilled flooring installers and began offering apprenticeship courses at our the SWCTF training centers as soon as they’ve reopened. With increasing market demands, we expect our classes, at both training centers, will continue to grow.”

The course offerings in Las Vegas maintain INSTALL’s standards developed by the Carpenters International Training Fund, manufacturers’ subject matter experts and INSTALL’s professionally trained instructors. The curriculum includes the commonalities inherent in all floorcovering installations and the proprietary requirements of each of the industry’s manufacturers. This helps apprentices and mechanics learn and keep up with the best installation methods for each individual flooring manufacturer.

INSTALL’s curriculum is reviewed regularly to ensure the organization offers the most current and comprehensive training in the industry. Students are encouraged to enroll in career-long training to further expand their knowledge.

INSTALL apprenticeships 3To create well-rounded installers, the apprentices go through a four-year apprenticeship of learning delivered at training centers and on the jobsites across the U.S. and Canada. Whether enrolling as an apprentice in Las Vegas or the Buena Park Training Center, INSTALL’s extensive training program offers a curriculum that requires a minimum of 160 hours of formal training per year and steady jobsite experience.

“INSTALL is a leader in moving the flooring installation trade forward,” stated Thomas Rodriguez, senior coordinator for the Southwest Carpenters Training Fund. “Through the expansion of apprenticeship programs to Las Vegas, the organization is offering important in-person interaction with the industry’s leading instructors, which is invaluable to those just entering the trade.”

INSTALL apprenticeships 4INSTALL’s West Coast training offerings have advanced significantly since the start of the program. Today, the Buena Park Training Center—which opened in 2014—features courses servicing nine INSTALL contractors, while the new Las Vegas center services three INSTALL contractors. INSTALL is also looking to expand its apprenticeship program into Phoenix and the Pacific Northwest region.

For more information, visit installfloors.org.


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