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Home Latest News Küberit Poised for NeoCon Debut

Küberit Poised for NeoCon Debut

Küberit USA will make its NeoCon debut next week, June 13-15 at theMART in Chicago, to introduce its specification process to commercial interior designers and project planners at its 7th floor booth (space 7-8068). The company will showcase multiple floor and wall profiles in a wide range of finishes, shapes and installation methods, all available in the same integrated specification pathway.

“When launching Küberit in the U.S., we understood our innovative profiles needed an equally innovative organization and specification process, helping design professionals solve project challenges with speed and with aesthetically-pleasing solutions,” explained Karen Bellinger, executive director, Küberit USA.  “Answers to just five questions take project planners to their profile specification, regardless of the profile need.”

All Küberit profiles fall into just seven categories, including: Original, Expansion, Transition, Ramp, Stair-Nosing, Clip, and Wall Protection profiles. Once the category selection is made, a Küberit profile with the required shape and function can be chosen. From there, specifiers need only select their desired finish and installation option.

“Each meeting with members of the design community affirms our emphasis on specification efficiency and support for the work of professional designers and project planners,” commented John Solberg, sales & business development manager, Küberit USA. “We are eager to greet designers at NeoCon, helping them get to profile specifications faster than ever with innovative solutions.”

For more information, visit www.KuberitUSA.com.


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