Home Latest News Latest ‘Taylor Time Live’ Explores Labor Shortage
Home Latest News Latest ‘Taylor Time Live’ Explores Labor Shortage

Latest ‘Taylor Time Live’ Explores Labor Shortage

Taylor Time Live’s latest episode covering the labor shortage is now available for streaming at https://youtu.be/wpfasAVXWgs. Featuring industry experts Jon Namba and Jim Aaron, the show focuses on the issues of recruiting, training, wages, compensation, inflation, and other factors impacting the labor shortage in floor installation.

Jon Namba, of Namba Services, Inc., specializes in moisture testing, inspection, training and installation of resilient, laminate and hardwood flooring. He is a frequent speaker and recognized expert installer, with years of experience hiring and managing installation crews. He is also an editorial director for Floor Covering Installer magazine.

Jim Aaron is the executive director of the Floor Covering Industry Foundation (FCEF). The mission of the FCEF is to eliminate the crisis caused by the lack of qualified and trained installers. Prior to his appointment to FCEF, Aaron was vice president of merchandising at Carpet One Floor & Home.

Also joining for the “What’s in the News” segment is Kim Wahlgren, editor of Wood Floor Business. Seth Gladden, director of marketing for Taylor Adhesives, is the host for Taylor Time Live.

For more information, visit https://www.tayloradhesives.com/taylortime/live/.


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