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Lignomat DuoTec

Ligno-DuoTec BW Moisture Meter/Hygrometer

The Ligno-DuoTec Meter is a dual-depth pinless meter with calibrations for different wood species and bamboo, OSB, AdvanTech and other subfloors and composite materials. It also includes calibrations for concrete (F2659) and a drywall percentage scale. Adding the RH BluePeg Probe allows thermos-hygrometer functions.
The dual-depth function is also available in the Ligno-Scanner SDM and the Ligno-VersaTec.
Key Benefits
-Reliable and consistent measurements, stable calibration with internal calibration check, easy-to-use,.
-The dual-depthLigno-DuoTec BW comes with 2 independent scales for ¼” and ¾” deep.
-Optional thermo-hygrometer function using precision RHBluePeg probe.
-Accessories for in-situ RH measurements moisture testing in concrete are available.
-Can be used to evaluate most hygroscopic flat materials in the building envelop:
strand, vertical and horizontal bamboo
AdvanTech and other OSB subfloors
engineered floor planks
composite materials
concrete (F2659) and percent drywall scale
If you also need a pin meter select the Ligno-VersaTec. The meter has the same pinless function as the DuoTec BW. If you do not want the hygrometer function, the SDM has the same functions as the DuoTec BW.


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