Home Latest News Mannington Awarded Patent for SimpleStairs
Home Latest News Mannington Awarded Patent for SimpleStairs

Mannington Awarded Patent for SimpleStairs

Mannington Mills recently was awarded a patent by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) for its SimpleStairs product line, covering the production method and equipment utilized to produce SimpleStairs in the U.S. SimpleStairs is an exact match stair tread that features the same gloss, texture and performance of the select Mannington LVT collections it has been designed to complement.

“In addition to providing the same visual as the floor, SimpleStairs provides the same scratch, wear and fade resistance of our Realta SPC and Glue Down collections. It’s also waterproof,” explained David Sheehan, Mannington vice president of Residential Hard Surface. He noted that the product provides retailers with an upgraded stair tread and a trade-up opportunity to provide a better looking, better performing and faster installation. “It’s an incremental profit generator for our retail partners,” he added.

Built on a concept originated by Bob Pitman, (retired) president of Burke Flooring, inventors credited with the patent are Mannington associates Keith Bodendorf, project engineer; Dennis Bradway, product and standards manager; and Joe Finlaw (retired), installation manager.

“This patent is another example of our associates’ innovative spirit and dedication to customer satisfaction. SimpleStairs provides an add-on opportunity for retail salespeople, as well as a design solution for consumers,” said Zack Zehner, president of Mannington Residential Business.

Mannington said it plans to extend SimpleStairs to its Adura Selling Solution offering in 2023.

For more information, visit https://www.mannington.com.


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