Home Latest News Mannington Releases New Digital, Interactive Visualizing Tools
Home Latest News Mannington Releases New Digital, Interactive Visualizing Tools

Mannington Releases New Digital, Interactive Visualizing Tools


Mannington's Floors.com/See Visualizer
Mannington’s Floors.com/See Visualizer

Mannington recently introduced a suite of exciting new interactive virtual reality digital tools to help make the shopping process easier for both the retail salesperson and the consumer.

Recognizing that one of the keys to closing the sale is helping the consumer visualize the floor in her home, these tools offer a simple way for her to do that – and all she needs is her smart phone or tablet.

No downloads or apps are needed to use any of these tools:

  1. Floors.com/See offers a “virtual walk” on the floor. Just go to Floors.com/See on any smart phone and move the phone around, side-to-side and up and down. To try out a new floor, just click on the “floors” icon and choose a new one!
  2. Floors.com/MyRoom allows consumers to take a photo of their own room and see what a new Mannington floor would look like in their room. It’s as simple as taking a picture – no apps or downloads necessary! Mannington’s traditional Virtual Decorator is also available, giving the user over 20 rooms to choose from, with the ability to change out not only the floors but also the wall color.
  3. Floors.com/Save is a quick and easy way for consumers to save their favorite floors from the retail display to their own “Favorites” folder on Mannington.com. Simply take a photo of the label on the front of any Mannington sample, then go to Floors.com/Save to upload the photos. Following a few simple steps to create the folder, these floors will be stored and available for reference anytime on Mannington.com in their Favorites folder. From there, consumers can also order a sample, use the virtual decorator, see more details about the floor (specs, care and maintenance instructions, etc.) and more.

In addition to these new tools, most of Mannington’s samples have a QR Code and web address to view more information about the floors, as well as experience use the digital tools.

Mannington’s samples have a QR Code
Mannington’s QR Codes

Mannington dealers will soon receive in-store materials to support the launch of these tools.  For more information, contact your Mannington sales representative.


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