Home Latest News Michael Halebian & Co. Named ‘Smooth Performer’ By Schönox
Home Latest News Michael Halebian & Co. Named ‘Smooth Performer’ By Schönox

Michael Halebian & Co. Named ‘Smooth Performer’ By Schönox

Schönox presented Michael Halebian & Co. with the 2022 Smooth Performer Award in recognition of the company’s high level of support, dedication, and partnership. The award was announced during a special event at the TISE Surfaces show in Las Vegas.

“We are honored to accept this award and appreciate the loyalty and state-of-the-art technology Schönox offers–we look forward to many more years of success together,” commented Joe Choflet, vice president and general manager, Michael Halebian & Co.

Representatives of the distributor received a trophy as well as a check to the charity of their choice, The Community Food Bank of New Jersey. The Smooth Performer Award recognizes high achievement in the distribution and support of Schönox smoothing, patching, and self-leveling products over the course of th

“We’ve worked closely together with Michael Halebian & Co. throughout the year, supporting the work of flooring teams across the region performing at the highest level on outstanding projects,” explained Mike Penney, senior vice president of sales, Schönox HPS North America.  “We appreciate the opportunity to thank Michael Halebian & Co. this year and amplify the hard work they’ve been doing.”

For more information, visit https://hpsubfloors.com.


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