Home Latest News NAFCD and NBMDA Speaker Lineup to Include Session on AI
Home Latest News NAFCD and NBMDA Speaker Lineup to Include Session on AI

NAFCD and NBMDA Speaker Lineup to Include Session on AI

NAFCD and NBMDA plan to host a wide range of subject-matter experts at the 2023 NAFCD + NBMDA Annual Convention, set for Nov. 14-16 in Colorado Springs, Colo. These established speakers will lead sessions on the latest trends in distribution leadership, management, corporate culture, economics, sales/marketing and labor retention/recruitment.

Conference attendees will hear from a lineup including:

  • Kelly McDonald: Kelly McDonald is considered one of the nation’s top experts in leadership, marketing, customer experience and consumer trends. Her keynote presentation, “How to Grow Business by Selling to and Serving People Not Like You,” will demonstrate how deep, values-based connections come to fruition.
  • Andrew Creamer: Andrew Creamer comes to the convention as a Chief Operating Officer at Proton.ai and a Harvard Business School graduate. Throughout his presentation, he will share how artificial intelligence (AI) can be leveraged across the distribution channel.
  • Connor Lokar: Connor Lokar, a Senior Forecaster at ITR Economics, will present “Economic Trends in Construction and Consumer Markets.”
  • Jeremy Wall: Jeremy Wall will help lead NAFCD and NBMDA’s University of Innovative Distribution (UID) one-day training program that precedes its Annual Convention each year. This workshop, designed for distribution managers, will shine light on the unspoken rules of leadership as well as the fundamentals of setting goals.
  • Jamie Turner: Jamie Turner is an internationally-recognized author, professor, speaker and news contributor who helps top-tier executives improve their communication skills, productivity and leadership. He will be presenting a general session and at UID In-A-Day.
  • Brian Beaulieu: Brian Beaulieu of ITR Economics will deliver a dispassionate look at the trends that define the economy, giving attendees clear direction on how to maximize revenue and profit growth.

For more information, visit https://www.distributorconvention.org.


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