Home Latest News New NWFA Course Teaches Selling Authenticity of Wood
Home Latest News New NWFA Course Teaches Selling Authenticity of Wood

New NWFA Course Teaches Selling Authenticity of Wood

The National Wood Flooring Association (NWFA) has launched a new sales course, “Selling Against Wood Floor Look-alikes,” aimed at helping industry professionals effectively sell real wood flooring in an increasingly competitive marketplace.

“In recent years, real wood flooring has faced stiff competition from vinyl and plastic composite look-alike flooring, which has gained significant market share. These synthetic products often attempt to replicate the look and feel of natural wood,” stated Michael Martin, NWFA CEO and president. “The course challenges this trend, asking a critical question: If customers want wood, why sell them an imitation?”

“Selling Against Wood Floor Look-alikes” provides several effective strategies for positioning and selling real wood flooring over vinyl, laminate and LVT flooring alternatives. The interactive, video-based course equips participants with the tools and knowledge to champion the value, beauty and authenticity of real wood flooring, according to the NWFA.

Now available on the NWFA University as part  of the Sales program, the course features a mobile-responsive design, allowing learners to access course materials anytime, anywhere and from virtually any device.

For more information, visit https://nwfa.org/nwfa-university.


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