Home Archive Quick Tip: Defeat Dust in a Few Easy Steps
Home Archive Quick Tip: Defeat Dust in a Few Easy Steps

Quick Tip: Defeat Dust in a Few Easy Steps

By Trimaco, Inc.


Controlling dust and dirt on a jobsite can feel like an impossible task. It doesn’t take long for dust to reach every nook and cranny of the site, but it can add hours to your clean-up time, as well as contribute to contamination — including the air quality.

Consider these simple steps to help reduce the spread of dust and dirt.


  1. Build a dust barrier around your project.

Trimaco pic 1The best way to combat the spread of dust and dirt is to isolate it. Use dust containment poles, plastic sheeting and a self-adhesive zipper to create a floor-to-ceiling dust containment enclosure or barrier – one with a sealable entry/exit.

Dust containment poles work for any size project – from small residential to large-scale jobs. When durability is important, try Trimaco Heavy Duty E-Z Up® Dust Containment Poles. These are available in three different sizes – extending up to 12 feet, 16 feet or 20 feet.

If sealing off a doorway is sufficient to isolate the area, a door kit will do the job. Trimaco’s E-Z Up® Dust Containment Door Kit includes a sheet of plastic with a built-in zippered door, which is quickly and easily attached to a door frame with the double-sided tape.


  1. Trimaco pic 2Seal off ducts and vents.

HVAC protective films prevent dust particles from hitching a ride on air flow and contaminating clean spaces. These films are usually conformable and UV-and puncture-resistant.


  1. Stop dust in its tracks.

Footwear is famous for tracking in dirt and dust. Wearing shoe covers in clean areas is the first line of defense. Hand trucks and carts are dust culprits too—place a sticky mat at the entrance of clean areas to grab dirt from their wheels, as well as from shoes and boots.


  1. Protect all surfaces.

Trimaco pic 3Cover exposed surfaces – vertical and horizontal – with products such as masking films or surface protectors.


  1. Tidy up every day.

It might be the last thing you want to do at the end of a long day, but a quick clean-up will prevent dust and dirt from building up, and it will feel good to walk into a worksite already prepped for the day.

Dust and dirt on the jobsite are inevitable, but taking a few precautionary steps will help to contain it.

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