Home Latest News Taylor Adhesives Joins Floorcloud Platform
Home Latest News Taylor Adhesives Joins Floorcloud Platform

Taylor Adhesives Joins Floorcloud Platform

Taylor Adhesives announced it has joined Floorcloud, a technology platform that enables contractors to monitor, communicate and store jobsite conditions and other essential data in real-time to help improve installation outcomes for all project stakeholders.

“This is a natural fit for us,” remarked Seth Gladden, director of marketing for Taylor Adhesives. “Having our products loaded into this platform is another way for us to live up to our brand promise of being With You Every Step.”

“Contractors and manufacturers now have the opportunity to use mobile technology as a labor management tool, ensuring best practices and productivity. This optimizes consistency of behavior over multiple projects, with a widely diverse workforce mixed between union and non-union, as well as employees and subcontractors,” observed Mark Biscoff president/CEO of Starnet and a Floorcloud advisory board member.

“We are always finding ways to help flooring installers perform their jobs more effectively, and this technology platform is another way they can do just that,” Gladden added.

For more information, visit tayloradhesives.com.


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