Home Latest News Taylor to Unveil New Product Labeling Across 26 SKUs
Home Latest News Taylor to Unveil New Product Labeling Across 26 SKUs

Taylor to Unveil New Product Labeling Across 26 SKUs

Taylor Adhesives is revamping its product labeling with streamlined branding, enhanced color-coding and updated product information across 26 SKUs.  According to the company, this move is “designed to improve the understanding, proper selection, correct use and easier inventory management for distributors and contractors.”

“We believe that Taylor already had the best packaging and labeling system in the business,” stated Paul Murfin, president of Taylor. “But we saw areas where we could make it even better from our customer’s point of view.”

In all, 16 SKUs in the Signature Line and 10 SKUs in the newly created Essentials Line are being relabeled or newly labeled. Products are now curated into three groups: The Signature Line, the Essentials Line, and Additional Items.

“Through the process, we were able to define the roles of each line in order to optimize our product offerings. Also, through our new labeling strategy, we were able to visually group them according to their applications, performance and sustainability” observed Seth Gladden, director of marketing for Taylor.

To make selecting the correct adhesive easier for each flooring type, Taylor has created a color-coding system across its products. There are five colors, one for each category: resilient, wood, carpet, moisture, and specialty.

“Choosing the right adhesive or coating for the job is critical to a successful installation, so we now prominently feature the color representing the primary flooring usage on the label,” noted Gladden. Other approved flooring uses are identified in the product category key on each label.

The new label designs for the Signature and Essentials collections are more than just aesthetic changes, according to Gladden. All new labels are trilingual, indicate where best to use the product, and offer over a dozen other vital data points that are designed to be easily identifiable and displayed.

The new labeling will encompass a rolling change throughout the year and will be launched during TISE at booth 4733. The entire product line makeover is also detailed in the new Taylor 2022 Product Catalog and the soon-to-be redesigned Taylor website and app.

For more information, visit https://TaylorAdhesives.com.


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