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Trim Installation Feat

By Troy Mairs, Surface Shields marketing

Does this sound familiar? You are installing trim on a jobsite where you fire off a few nails into your trim piece. That piece falls right over because it turns out, you are out of nails. Insert the fumble, stumble, and mumble. You’ll fumble for a new clip of nails, stumble on the air hose, and mumble under your breath knowing nobody can hear you over the deafening air compressor that seems to run constantly.

We’ve all been there; it is just part of the trade I suppose. But, does it have to be?

Ditch the noisy compressor, the leaky hose, and empty nail gun and opt for dual-sided tape instead. This double-sided, scrim reinforced adhesive tape is strategically designed to be the ideal solution to installing base trim or moldings. This is how easy your trim install could be:

  1. Cut the vinyl or wood trim piece to length as you would normally
  2. Apply adhesive tape to the back of your trim piece, pressing firmly to ensure proper adhesion
  3. Trim any excess tape that may be present using a utility knife
  4. Remove the tape backing to expose the adhesive that will secure the trim to the wall
  5. Install the trim piece on the wall and apply firm pressure throughout securing the trim to the wall.
  6. Step back and admire your work.

It really can be that simple! Here are the important takeaways. As promised, there is no need for nail guns, air compressors, or hoses to trip on. The only tool you’ll need is the utility knife you already have in your pocket.

More importantly, notice the lack of nail holes that would need to be filled with caulk and subsequently painted after installation.

This means you can do your job faster, more efficiently, and with a more professional end result.



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