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Home Archive Choosing the Right Heavy-Duty Surface Protector

Choosing the Right Heavy-Duty Surface Protector

By Lauren Kerns, Digital Marketing Manager, Icon Protection


The easiest and most cost effective way to prevent damage during a flooring or installation job is to use a dependable surface protection product. Different jobs require different types of surface protectors. Whether you are protecting hardwoods, concrete, vinyl or tile, Trimaco® has you and your floor covered.

4 Heavy-Duty Surface Protectors from Trimaco

  1. Stay Put® Surface Protector: Trimaco’s Stay Put Surface Protector is designed with a repositionable tacky backing, making this a great choice for stairs, bathtubs and hardwoods. In addition this surface protector is leak resistant, impact resistant and breathable, allowing grout to finish curing.
  2. Heavy Duty SuperTuff® Tack Back: Great for horizontal and vertical surfaces, Trimaco’s Heavy Duty Tack Back is an impact resistant, leak resistant and extremely durable surface protector. The specially designed top is made from post-industrial PET, making it absorbent to reduce tracking. The adhesive tacky backing stays in place but should not be left on surfaces for more than 60 days.
  3. Heavy Duty SuperTuff® Surface Protector: Made from 100% post consumer recycled PET bottles, Trimaco’s SuperTuff Surface Protector can be used time and time again. This heavy duty, impact resistant surface protector is designed with a super absorbent top and a slip resistant and leak resistant backing. Added bonus, this material does not need tape to stay in place―simply overlap the edges and you’re good to go!
  1. Aqua Shield®: Looking for the ultimate surface protector? Aqua Shield has it all. This floor protector is leak resistant, slip resistant, flame retardant and dust free. Available in 10mil, 25mil and 40mil options, Aqua Shield is easy to install with the help of Trimaco’s Aqua Shield® Seam Tape. Simply roll out, overlap your edges and tape seams together. Secure the perimeter of the surface protector with a low adhesive PE tape to avoid damage. *We recommend testing flooring tape in an inconspicuous area prior to

Total Floor Protection from Trimaco

Surface protectors are critical for any flooring and installation job. Save time and money, and invest in a dependable heavy-duty surface protector from Trimaco.


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