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Choosing the Right Tape for Temporary Surface Protection

By Kristin Treadway, Digital Marketing Coordinator, Icon Protection


Ram Board Vapor Cure tape
Ram Board Vapor Cure tape

Every job is unique and calls for different materials. Choosing the right tape for your surface protection can help you save time and avoid damage during your project. If you’re looking for a tape that won’t let you down, Ram Board® has got you covered.

Ram Board Edge Tapes
Edge tapes anchor surface protection to the floor, which holds it in place while keeping dirt and debris from getting under the board, damaging the surface.

  1. 14-Day Edge Tape™ – This edge tape is ideal for shorter jobs, holding surface protection in place without any residue for up to 14 days.
  2. 90-Day Edge Tape® – This specialty edge tape is great for longer projects. It’s water-resistant, tears straight and leaves no residue for up to 90 days. Unlike other tapes, 90-Day Edge Tape doesn’t lose any of its adhesive strength when repositioned.
Ram Board 14-Day tape
Ram Board 14-Day tape

Ram Board Seam Tapes
Seam tapes are meant to be applied to temporary floor protectors, keeping them together. The key to finding the right seam tape is to know if your project demands breathability in your floor protection.

  1. Seam Tape™ – Ram Board’s original seam tape is made with a kraft paper backing and is perfect for seaming Ram Board together. It’s easy to tear and has a strong adhesive for a durable bond.
  2. Vapor Cure® – If breathability is something you’re looking for, the vapor cure technology engineered into this tape allows vapors and moisture to escape curing floors so you can avoid cure lines and costly repairs.
  3. Pro Tape™ – Ram Board’s Pro Tape takes duct tape to a whole new level. This heavy duty, durable duct tape has an aggressive adhesive to withstand even the toughest jobs. This tape is great for jobs that have a lot of machinery and foot traffic.
Ram Board 90-Day tape
Ram Board 90-Day tape

Total Floor Protection with Ram Board

Ram Board’s tapes are designed to work with our line of floor protection products. Whether you’re looking to anchor Ram Board to the floor, or you’re searching for a breathable seam tape that won’t damage your surfaces*, you can find it all at Ram Board.

*We recommend testing all tape in an inconspicuous place, prior to application.

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