Home Latest News FCICA Launches Revamped, Mobil Friendly Website
Home Latest News FCICA Launches Revamped, Mobil Friendly Website

FCICA Launches Revamped, Mobil Friendly Website

FCICA Launches Revamped WebsiteThe Flooring Contractors Association (FCICA) is proud to announce an updated website for the organization.

The improved website, www.fcica.com, is mobile enabled, offers a clean look, and features different pages that showcase the CIM Program, webinars, events and resources that FCICA has. It also hosts a searchable directory where visitors can search by company, location, categories, keywords and much more.

“The new website definitely has a cleaner and more professional look to it. It is much more user friendly and will be a great tool for people looking to get more information about FCICA and its members,” the association notes.

The website also contains a new information hub for members where they can update their company and representative profiles and access FCICA resources.


FCICA, headquartered in West Bloomfield, Michigan, is the resource for premier commercial flooring contractors. Promoting the advancement and continuous development of Certified Installation Managers (CIM). Providing technical education, business support and industry expert networking. Delivering skills and knowledge to enhance the professionalism of commercial flooring contractors. FCICA is an international association whose contractor members serve the continental United States, plus Burma and Canada.

For more information about FCICA, visit www.fcica.com, or call 248-661-5015; toll free (877) TO-FCICA.


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