DriTac’s Ultimate Sound and Moisture Reduction System

DriTac's Ultimate Sound and Moisture Reduction System
See below for an explanation of each layer by number.

For Double-Stick Wood and Resilient Flooring Installations*
• Lifetime Warranty from a Trusted Single Source Supplier
• MVER up to 25 lbs./100% RH
• Total Sound Reduction System (SRS)
• Dual-Force, Silent-Fuse Technology

*Double-stick (SRS) applications consist of approved DriTac flooring adhesives used in conjunction with approved underlayments.

(1) Wood or Resilient Flooring Installation
DriTac warrants the use of its flooring adhesives for the lifetime of the flooring manufacturer’s warranty.

(2) DriTac 7900 Super Grab
*Or 5900 MegaBond, or Other Approved Flooring Adhesive
Visit DriTac.com for a full list of flooring adhesives for use with 8301 Impact, 8302 Double Impact or EnviroTread underlayments.

(3) DriTac Impact or Double Impact Foam Underlayment
8301 Impact (for resilient) and 8302 Double Impact (for wood) foam underlayments provide superior acoustical abatement properties.

*Or DriTac 8400 EnviroTread Rubber Underlayment
8402, 8405 and 8410 EnviroTread (for wood) rubber underlayments provide superior acoustical abatement properties.

(4) DriTac 5900 MegaBond
*Or 7900 Super Grab, Or Other Approved Flooring Adhesive

(5) DriTac MCS 7000 – For Additional Moisture Protection
To achieve moisture protection up to 25 lbs./100% RH, use the two-party epoxy (for wood/resilient), concrete moisture control system for industry leading subfloor moisture protection.

(5) DriTac Primer 3000 – For Additional Bond Strength
Use the quick drying floor primer (for wood/resilient) to strengthen the adhesive bond over a concrete slab, self-leveling or gypsum-based underlayment.

(6) Concrete Subfloor
Proper subfloor preparation is always key to a successful flooring installation.

Visit DriTac.com for more information.

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