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Home Latest News Taylor Advisory Council Formed

Taylor Advisory Council Formed

Taylor Adhesives announced the formation of its advisory council for its distributor partners to learn from them, listen to their needs, exchange best practices and expedite momentum coming out of the COVID-19 pandemic and continuing into 2021.

Joining T.A.C. in its first year are Jim Christian of C&C Wholesale, Keith Throm of E.J. Welch and Greg Szalay of T&A Supply. Seth Gladden, director of marketing for Taylor, chairs the council. Also participating are Tim Riley, director of U.S. distribution, and Paul Murfin, president of Taylor.
“We are all made better by the flow of communication and exchange of ideas with our distributor partners,” noted Paul Murfin. “Our T.A.C. distributor members will help guide thinking to develop new products, launch new initiatives and create new opportunities for everyone.”
Selected distributors will be asked to participate in the council on a rotating basis.

“Our brand promise is to be with you every step,” said Seth Gladden. “T.A.C. is a great example of how we continue to fulfill that promise.”


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